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(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml

(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
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Product Information
Product name/產品名字:(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精
Ingredient/成份: Isopropyl Alcohol75%异丙醇75% 消毒酒精
Net weight/內容量:250ml
Application/用途: disinfection, Sterilize 消毒,杀菌
Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處

Isopropyl alcohol is a colourless, combustible liquid with a wide variety of uses. It has a wide range of uses in the home and is used in laboratories, in medicine, and in many manufacturing industries.

Uses for Isopropyl alcohol
• A Disinfectant for food preparation surfaces, table tops, counters, bars and other hard surfaces. Antiseptic and antibacterial agent.

• A sterilizer – For sterilising hands when preparing food or for medical personnel working in surgeries, clinics, First Aid Rooms, Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. Sterilizing utensils, equipment etc. eg acupuncturists needles, hairdressers combs etc. An Anti-Foamer and foam inhibitor.

• Can be used as a Deodoriser for spraying into shoes to eliminate odours.

• Can be mixed with fragrances to make air fresheners and deodorants.

• A general cleaner – excellent for cleaning glass & lenses. Can be used to clean virtually any surface. Removes light grease, oils, dirt, food stains etc. Evaporates quickly and leaves surface squeaky clean.

• A specialist cleaner for computer equipment, electronic devices, contact pins, floppy disk drive heads, lenses of LASERS in optical disc drives (DVD,CD), removes thermal paste of CPUs. Cleans printer heads including Thermal Transfer.

• Used to make Rinse agents for Dishwashers.

• A solvent for diluting lacquers, PVC adhesives, dyes and printing inks. A graffiti remover for removing inks, markers, lipstick etc.

• A Deicer for locks and windscreens. Add to Windscreen washer reservoir for a spotless windscreen every time.

• Antifreeze.

• A fuel additive for dissolving water or ice in fuel lines.

IPA has a low order of acute toxicity. It is irritating to the eyes, but not to the skin. Very high vapor concentrations are irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, and prolonged exposure may produce central nervous system depression and narcosis. Although IPA produced little irritation when tested on the skin of human volunteers, there have been reports of isolated cases of dermal irritation and/or sensitization. There have been a number of cases.where use of IPA as a sponge treatment for the control of fever has resulted in cases of intoxication, probably the result of both dermal absorption and inhalation.
The intentional ingestion of isopropanol, particularly among alcoholics or suicide victims typically result in a comatose condition: pulmonary difficulty, nausea, vomiting, and headache accompanied by various degrees of central nervous system depression. In the absence of shock, recovery usually occurred. Ingestion of IPA can cause liver poisoning, resulting in nausea and dizziness. People with sensitive skin should avoid using rubbing alcohol because it can cause dryness and peeling. This dryness can cause the skin t
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
(IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol 75% 异丙醇消毒酒精 250ml
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