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(aeco)aeco XLR 4 Pole Male AX4-1611G, 1pcs/1set, Gold Plating, Vacuum bag

(aeco)aeco XLR 4 Pole Male AX4-1611G, 1pcs/1set, Gold Plating, Vacuum bag
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Product Information


It can be assort with other standard XLR.

Conductor with the grooving design in order to add the surface area.

Conductor between body isolate by PTFE insulator.

The conductor is made from high-purity tellurium copper without nickel plating.

​By using highest quality of design techniques and material to provide customer who has "Hi-End" requirement.


Mechanical structure:

The center pin is fixed to the PTFE insulator by assemble function.
The PTFE insulator fixed on the body by using screw.

The body and the shell locked by screwing.
POM sleeve is fixed with end of shell by using screw.
The cable hole with sleeve is 8.5mm, without sleeve is 12.5mm.

It is suitable with other standard female XLR products which has button.

1.We recommend to peel off the cable jacket[501] and each insulation of conductor.
2. Using the sleeve ( ID8.5mm) [401]  or using the shell without sleeve ( ID12.5mm), depend on the cable outside diameter  .
3.Please put the cable through the shell[202] and sleeve [401].
4.Solder the conductor on each signal pin. [101][102][103][104]
5.Depends on your need to solder the ground pin. 
6.Please lock the shell [202] on body set [201]
7. Please fix the cable and shell through screw(M3x6mm)[301]

[501]'s 5th channel conductor, as the schematic diagram ,It may means full coverage braided .

Contact Pin: Tellurium copper (#C14500 / copper contains over 99%).
Ground Pin: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Insulator: PTFE
Body: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Shell: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Sleeve: POM
Screw: Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Contact pin: 10u" Gold plating (no nickel base).
Shell ground pin: 10u" Gold plating (no nickel base).
​Insulator: None.
Body: Satin Nickel + Topcoat.
Shell: Satin Nickel + Topcoat.
Plastic Steel: None.
Screw: None.

Electrical Characteristics:
Contact resistance < 1.0 mOhm 

Biggest OD: 18.9mm
Total Length: 46.0mm

Vacuum Bag

Recommend soldering temperature:
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 400 degree within 10 second
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 450 degree within 05 second

Product production process comply with RoHS








機  構: 中心針以裝配方式緊迫固定於PTFE絕緣內 PTFE絕緣以螺絲鎖固於本體內 本體與外殼以螺牙相互鎖固 POM塑鋼尾套以螺絲鎖固於外殼末端 尾套孔徑8.5mm,取下後外殼孔徑12.5mm 本產品可相容傳統按鈕卡榫設計的母座 組  裝: ​1.剝除線纜[501]外被及各通道導線絕緣 2.依線纜外徑取捨是否使用尾套(ID8.5mm)[401]或僅使用外殼(ID12.5mm) 3.將尾套及外殼套入線纜 4.焊接線纜各通道導體及訊號端中心針[101][102][103][104] 5.接地端中心針[105]依需求焊接 6.將本體組[201]與外殼[202]相互鎖固 7.將螺絲(M3x6mm)[301]穿過外殼及尾套與線纜鎖固 ​ [501]所示線纜的第五通道導線為示意,其可能為全包覆的編織網 材  質: 訊號端 碲銅(銅含量99.0%最少,C14500) 接地端 銅鋅合金(C3604) 絕 緣 PTFE鐵氟龍 本 體 銅鋅合金(C3604) 外 殼 銅鋅合金(C3604) 尾 套 POM塑鋼 螺 絲 不鏽鋼(SUS304) 表面處理: 訊號端 無鎳鍍金(10u") 接地端 無鎳鍍金(10u") 絕 緣 無 本 體 沙展鎳外覆保護膜 外 殼 沙展鎳外覆保護膜 塑 鋼 無 螺 絲 無 ​ 電氣特性: 接觸電阻 < 1.0 mohm 尺  寸: 最大外徑 18.9mm 總  長 46.0mm 包  裝: 壹個置入泡棉並以真空袋包裝 焊接溫度: 使用溫控烙鐵保持400°C時10秒 使用溫控烙鐵保持450°C時05秒 產品製作過程符合歐盟危害性物質限制指令(RoHS)
(aeco)aeco XLR 4 Pole Male AX4-1611G, 1pcs/1set, Gold Plating, Vacuum bag
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