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25Kg READY STOCK: Calcium Carbonate/ CaCO3 Powder/ Cosmetic/ Agricultural Grade -Full Bag- 25Kg

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Size (length*width*height): 17cm x 41cm x 55cm

Calcium is an important nutrient that strengthens a plant’s cellular walls and is vital in new cell development. A calcium deficiency can lead to common fruit diseases such as blossom-end rot, which is prevalent in tomatoes and peppers.

It is usually added in winter for annual crops, such as vegetables, just prior to digging, as the calcium carbonate can take effect over the winter months and will not damage young growth.

Before planting perennial plants like lawns, shrubs, fruit or trees, apply if the soil is acid. To find out how much is required you need to check your soil pH.
When applied to the surface around established plants it can take years to have any effect, so adjusting pH before planting or sowing is recommended.

A soil pH test measures the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. A pH 7.0 is considered neutral. Above pH 7.0, the soil is alkaline and below pH 7.0, the soil is acid.

Calcium Carbonate, in it's powdered form, is much faster acting than granulated garden lime, but a little more care must be taken when applying to make sure you get an even coverage.

One role of calcium carbonate known to many professionals, but that is not necessarily common knowledge to the average home gardener, is its ability to mitigate heavy metals in the soil.

This is usually only a prescribed course of action if a soil analysis indicates that heavy metals are present in the soil at levels that can be remediated; if the levels are too high, removal of the soil would be the likely solution.

Besides being potentially toxic for humans, heavy metals can be toxic to plants as well. Calcium carbonate does not eliminate the metals from the soil, but “ties them up” so that they are not as available for uptake by plants.

Agricultural Uses
• Increased phosphorus availability
• Enhanced mineralization and nitrification
• Better water use, nutrient recovery, and plant performance with a healthier root system.
• Spil pH Correction
• Mitigates heavy metals in soil

Animal Uses
Ground calcium carbonate is your ideal calcium choice for your next animal feed or nutrition supplement formulation to achieve optimal health for reptile shells, egg shells, farm animals and household pets. Our calcium carbonate is produced from a specialty, high purity source to ensure you receive the maximum calcium content.

Application Rates
If dug into soil, apply 250g/m2 and sprinkle additional onto the surface after digging.

Smaller weights are repackaged into clear packaging to offer best possible value
25Kg READY STOCK: Calcium Carbonate/ CaCO3 Powder/ Cosmetic/ Agricultural Grade -Full Bag- 25Kg
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