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"[TAITRA] VPROHD 1080P ""Cannon"" Shaped Camera Makes Market Debut"

"[TAITRA] VPROHD 1080P ""Cannon"" Shaped Camera Makes Market Debut"
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★純正MIT製造血統 高品質保證 ★HD-CVI高畫質1080P 超越同級電商競品 ★高品質傳輸技術 提供穩定影音畫質 ★沿用舊同軸電纜 直升1080P節省成本 ★獨家除霧功能 克服天氣影響 ★組合、安裝簡易 不須繁雜施工過程
[CAROMA] Premium150g/Imported Japan Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder /150g/ Halal /Gluten Free/Ceremonial Grade/Natural
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Product Information
Image sensor: 1 / 2.8 "Sony 2.4 megapixel Progressive ExmorTM CMOS image sensor highest rate (FPS): 1920x1080p @ 25/30 FPS, 1280x720p @ 25/30 FPS Minimum illumination color: [email protected], black and white: [email protected], enhance sensitivity: [email protected] Wide Dynamic Range: 90dB Video Output: HDCVI / Composite terminal voice: no infrared filter (ICR): infrared light irradiation distance: None OSD menu: OSD / CoC (via coaxial) day and night modes: color / black and white / Auto / external trigger Electronic Shutter: 1/25 (30) to 1 / 30,000 sec; stabilization Manual: 1/25 (30), 1 / 50 (60), 1/100 (120), 1 / 240,1 / 500,1 / 1,000, 1 / 2,000,1 / 4,000,1 / 8,000,1 / 16,000,1 / 30,000 sec White Balance: Auto Tracking / Auto white balance / single press lock / manual WDR, BLC, high brightness suppression: WDR / number bit wide dynamic / BLC / high brightness suppression / Off demisting functions: Automatic / manual Digital Noise Reduction: intelligent noise reduction / 2D Digital Noise Reduction / 3D digital noise reduction Sensitivity upgrade: open (2 ~ 32X) / Off Language: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese Digital Zoom: 1.0 times to 8.0 times / off video settings: Sharpness / Saturation / gal Horse / flip / mirror / black order PRIVACY: on / off (16 editable regions) Motion detection open: sensitivity, area Programming / Off Vignette compensation: On / Off Auto Iris mode, the adapter: Fixed iris lens Interface: Built-in camera lens, horizontal viewing angle: f2.8 ~ 12mm / F1.4 Waterproof: no power supply, power consumption: 0.5A / DC12V operating temperature, storage temperature: -10 ?X C ~ 50 ?X C; -20 ?X C ~ 60 ?X C operating humidity, the maximum storage humidity: RH80%; RH90% Dimensions: 55 (W) x46 (H) x144 (D) mm Net Weight: 400g

Camera body X1, transformer X1, manual X1

影像感應器:1/2.8" Sony 2.4百萬畫素Progressive ExmorTM CMOS感光元件 最高影像速率(FPS):[email protected]/30 FPS,[email protected]/30 FPS 最低照度 彩色:[email protected],黑白:[email protected],感度提昇:[email protected] 寬動態範圍:90dB 影像輸出:HDCVI/複合式端子 語音:無 紅外線濾光片(ICR):有 紅外線燈、照射距離:無 OSD選單:OSD/CoC(經由同軸) 日夜模式:彩色/黑白/自動/外部觸發 電子快門 自動:1/25(30)~1/30,000秒;防抖 手動:1/25(30),1/50(60),1/100(120),1/240,1/500,1/1,000,1/2,000,1/4,000,1/8,000,1/16,000,1/30,000秒 白平衡:自動追蹤/自動白平衡/單按鎖定/手動 寬動態、背光補償、高亮度抑制:寬動態/數位寬動態/背光補償/高亮度抑制/關 除霧功能:自動/手動 數位降噪:智能降噪/2D數位降噪/3D數位降噪 感度提升:開(2~32X)/關 語言:英文,日文,繁體中文,簡體中文 數位放大:1.0倍~8.0倍/關 影像設定:銳利度/飽和度/伽馬/翻轉/鏡像/黑階 隱私遮擋:開/關(16個可編輯區域) 移動偵測 開:靈敏度,區域編程/關 暗角補償:開/關 自動光圈模式、轉接頭:固定光圈 鏡頭介面:內建鏡頭 鏡頭、水平視角:f2.8~12mm/F1.4 防水:無 電源供應、功率消耗:0.5A/DC12V 操作溫度、儲存溫度:-10°C~50°C;-20°C~60°C 操作濕度、儲存濕度 最大值:RH80%;RH90% 外觀尺寸:55(W)x46(H)x144(D)mm 淨重量:400g
有任何施工、案場評估,請撥客服電話將有專人為您服務:02-2659-0071#211 服務時間:周一至周五9:00~18:00
"[TAITRA] VPROHD 1080P ""Cannon"" Shaped Camera Makes Market Debut"
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