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100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10

100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
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Product Information

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Function: Health Support + Anti-Aging

Formulation: Powder

Import from Japan!

Tin Pack : 196g (28 days)
Refill Pack : 210g (30 days)

✔️ A lifting supplement: Lifting regains youthful vitality in your skin by renewing its elasticity and firmness.
✔️ Aims to incorporate skin and body beauty into your daily lifestyle effortlessly and effectively.

✔️ 6 Benefits :
- Excellent Moisturizing Agent
- Restore Elasticity of Skin
- Reduce Wrinkles
- Promote Brighter Skin
- Promote Healthy Hair & Nails
- Promote Flexible joint

✔️ Provides 150mg Hyaluronic acid, 5,250mg collagen, 15mg Elastin, 450mg Pearl coix extract, 100mg Vitamin C, 45μg Biotin and Kaneka Q10 (Ubiquinol).

✔️ The powder form is easy to melt and instantly ready to go-dissolve it in your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy your new lifting supplement.

✔️ Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an important substance in human skin. Its unique molecular structure possesses a variety of important physiological functions, such as lubrication of the joints, toning of vessel wall permeability, and regulation of protein to promote wound healing. Meanwhile collagen is a natural protein presents in our skin dermal layer. When we grow with age,  collagen production will start to slow down.

✔️ Ingredients: Fish Collagen Peptide, Condensed Milk Powder, Pearl Coix Extract, Elastin Peptide, Kaneka Q10(Reduced Coenzyme Q10), Dextrin, Trehalose, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Flavor, Scralose, Biotin

✔️ How to Use:
1. Take 1 spoonful (7g) daily.
2. Take as it is or mix in with your favorite beverage (such as water, coffee, tea, milk, juice, etc.) and foods.
3. You can even consume it with your favourite beverages (coffee, milk, tea, juices) or  desserts (yoghurt and ice cream).

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100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
100% FINE JAPAN Hyaluron & Collagen Premium Q10
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