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01682 Vinegar Wellcome charcoal deodorizing liquid 60ML

01682 Vinegar Wellcome charcoal deodorizing liquid 60ML
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Specifications: 60ML, nozzle type


Sprayed on shoes and socks, toilet, newly renovated rooms, pet Waterloo, cage and other smelly place, can rapidly smell, and have anti-bacterial disinfectant and insect repellent effect.

Charcoal Introduction:

Charcoal is more than five years in the mountains bamboo as raw material, the use of thousands of degrees of high-temperature pyrolysis technology, which lasted 20-30 days meticulously refining. Its carbonaceous dense, heavy, pore more than twice the surface area of ​​charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption capacity, which produces negative ions having air permeability capacity, and has the function of blocking electromagnetic radiation, it is a performance quality is better than charcoal replacement. Its extremely versatile, in addition to being used as fuel, but also widely used in industry, agriculture, military, electronics, medicine, food processing, environmental protection, textiles and other fields, called the carbon in Need.

The main effect of charcoal:

1, adsorption decomposition: As the carbonaceous itself has numerous pores, this carbonaceous pores can effectively absorb substances floating in the air, sulfide, hydride, formaldehyde, benzene, phenol and other harmful chemical substances play a absorption, decomposition odor and deodorization.

2, automatic humidity control: charcoal fine porous, large surface area, if the ambient humidity, can absorb moisture; if a dry environment, you can release moisture, regulate indoor humidity and thus play a role.

3, the release of far infrared: Bamboo charcoal can release the most appropriate body to absorb far-infrared wavelengths, enabling produce micro heat, promote activation of human cells, accelerate blood circulation, improve the body's internal environment objects.

4, negative ions: charcoal generates negative ions with a penetrating effect, can relax the nerves, reduce fatigue. Indoors, with the air of negative ions generated by the charcoal particles collide, using its charged that the charged particles easily attached to the wall, mirrors, floor, to achieve clean air goals. From which, in the nature of people feel roam the forest in general mind at ease.

5, the release of trace elements: bamboo itself is very rich in trace elements, the charcoal used for cooking or boil water, trace elements dissolved in water, and water to make rice more nutritious. And because charcoal has strong adsorption, decomposition, it can absorb, pesticide residues decomposition of harmful substances in water and rice. The charcoal fertilizer for crops, but also promote the growth of crops.

6, anti-electromagnetic radiation: bamboo charcoal can block electromagnetic waves, reducing the harm of electromagnetic waves on the human body.

7, sterilization preservation, antioxidant

01682 Vinegar Wellcome charcoal deodorizing liquid 60ML
01682 Vinegar Wellcome charcoal deodorizing liquid 60ML
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