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Perfect PushUp - The Best Upper Body Workout, King Of Pushup

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Perfect PushUp - The Best Upper Body Workout, King Of Pushup
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The BEST Pushup Exerciser in America

The next generation product that takes the classic pushup to the next level

Perfect Pushup patented rotating handles allow your arms to move naturally, the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumbbell. This helps engage more muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. Perfect Pushup maximizes strength building while helping to reduce joint strain. Made with built-to-last construction and padded grips for extra comfort.

How The Perfect Pushup Works

The Perfect Pushup was invented by Alden Mills, a former US Navy SEAL and professional trainer.

The Perfect Pushup basically takes a standard pushup bar — which keeps your wrists in a neutral, non-bent position — and attaches the pushup bar to a rotating base. This base allows you to maintain neutral wrist position while simultaneously rotating your arms (primarily at the wrist.) This ability to rotate is intended to allow you to compensate for your own bio-mechanics — taking stress off from the wrists and shoulders.

It also allows you to simulate the compound motion of certain dumbbell chest press motions by allowing rotation at wrists, elbows and shoulders — something that is impossible with standard pushups. So if you’ve ever performed dumbbell chest presses with your palms facing forward and then rotated them to face each other at the top of the movement, you’ll know the motion I’m talking about.

Perfect Pushup allows you to work your muscles more completely, more comfortably and more safely.


  • The pair patent-pending rotating pushup handles with comfortable rubberized grips
  • Stable bases with rubber bottoms that grip well on carpet and all hard floorsurfaces
  • Smooth, long lasting steel ball-bearing rotational systems
  • Navy SEAL inspired exercise chart that shows proper pushup form and includes a workout planner based on SEAL 2 minute drills
  • The unique rotating handles helps speed up results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back

- Weight Limit : 400 lb / 136 kg
- Length: 8"
- Height: 4.5"
- Width: 8"
- Weight: 2 lb

Come with:

Perfect Pushup Power 12 Workout Videos

- Designed to take your Perfect Pushup workout to another level
- 12 challenging pushup styles derived from Navy SEALs, Yoga, and other techniques
- Pushup calisthenics that add variety and a powerful aerobic element to your workout
- Get ripped and develop greater strength and definition

  1. Perfect Pushup - Regular Position - Super Set Slow
  2. Perfect Pushup - Close Grip - Super Set Slow
  3. Perfect Pushup - Dive Bomber Workout
  4. Perfect Pushup - Power Punch Workout
  5. Perfect Pushup - One Arm Assisted Pushup
  6. Perfect Pushup - Double Wide Pushup
  7. Perfect Pushup - Shoulder Press Pushup
  8. Perfect Pushup - Mountain Climbers
  9. Perfect Pushup - 8 Count Body Builder
  10. Perfect Pushup - Shoulder Workout
  11. Perfect Pushup - Chest Workout
  12. Perfect Pushup - Arms Workout

The Perfect Pushup Benefits:
- Ergonomics protect against wrist strain associated with flexion at wrist during standard pushups
- Well-constructed, sturdy; foam hand grips are comfortable
- Rotation may protect against shoulder strain
- More challenging from a stabilization standpoint than fixed-position pushups
- Novel and fun; breaks up the monotony of the usual pushup

Perfect PushUp - The Best Upper Body Workout, King Of Pushup
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